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For Love Ever

THE BROKEN WORD FOREVER  When two hands come to join each other in one forever hold what if the harsh fate suddenly breaks the forever word in two and one lover’s hand has… Continue reading

The Mother of all Loves

There’s only one, unique motherly love in all of the Universe. It is the only real Love that there is, mother of all the Love’s kinds, an undeniable truth that shines on us… Continue reading

Until Death…Until Life. Fino a che la Morte…Fino a che la Vita…

  March, 11 – 12.00 AM.  your plane took off in perfect time, like usual, but it wasn’t going to cross the ocean, Philadelphia wasn’t the destination and your ticket was a –… Continue reading

Sempre Amanti

L’unico modo di continuare una relazione nel tempo è quello di essere sempre se stessi e sempre diversi, ma sempre amanti. ennio forina

Come il Vento

“Il vento non ha virgole scorre fluido e parla senza pause in un gesto continuo fino a placarsi o a diventare tempesta…come la Vita.”   Come il vento scorrendo e accarezzando le foglie degli… Continue reading

In the Depth of your Eyes

We live in the matter that can be touched  and we think that we have a soul that can only be felt, so we separate the matter from the soul and wind up… Continue reading

The Dock Of The Time

So far, so close Then far away again In the endless game of the waves Kissing the shoreline and recede Touches of laughing foam With the winds and sun. So free, so forced… Continue reading