For Love Ever



When two hands come to join each other in one forever hold

what if the harsh fate suddenly breaks the forever word in two

and one lover’s hand has to let go the other one

vanishing into the unknown forever world of love?

And how many other forevers

can then befit into just one life

without letting go the hold on the first one

when the hand that has lost the previous grasp

won’t resign to lose the touch of love forever

but keeping forever to hold on it

even if another forever holding hand

arises just from nowhere

yearning a new touch of a forever love?

Perhaps the two forevers will keep the touch of love

in just one single forever hold?

My hand my love, still holds the empty space

where your hand was holding mine

hoping that you can still feel the loving touch

for a forever time.

ennio forina – September 2017

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