Same, as always.

Every year we grow in number and every year the horror grows.


Joyless Games, Deadly Games. Giochi che uccidono la Gioia.

They call them fireworks but are made with explosives, no one knows where and when they do blow up they cause a big scare to humans and arm or kill animals. Those who launch them hide though they know that they can even kill they force people to stay in houses even in case of necessity are against the … Continue reading Joyless Games, Deadly Games. Giochi che uccidono la Gioia.

Retrieving The Right Christmas.

In this ancient square there are marks and memories of wounds of cruelty, persecutions and unjust executions committed through the centuries, that maybe could only be alleviated by a retrieved, original joyful meaning of a true Christmas bringing compassion, good deeds, respect for all living beings and will for the universal right and not just a way to party and exchange meaningless gifts. *The tree in … Continue reading Retrieving The Right Christmas.