You Could Be…

You could be slave,

or a free thinker.

You could be a spine, 

or an open flower.

You could be hail,

or a gentle rain.

You could be a blast,

or a light breeze.

You could be a storm,

or a shining cloud.

You could be a squall,

or you could be a wave,

or an harsh tempest, 

or a calm and shining  day.

You could be a fall,

or a flowing stream.

You could be a flood,

or a placid pond.

You could be a stone,

or a soft sand.

You could be a desert,

or a wide green field.

You could be rough,

or kindly hearted.

You could be mean,

or a giving soul.

You could be a dead highway

or a living forest.

You could be a gate,

or a vast horizon.

You could be tears,

or a shining smile.

You could be an end,

or a new beginning.

You could be regret

or you can be Love.

ennio forina  january, 2018

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