You Could Be…

You could be slave,

or a free thinker.

You could be a spine, 

or an open flower.

You could be hail,

or a gentle rain.

You could be a blast,

or a light breeze.

You could be a storm,

or a shining cloud.

You could be a squall,

or you could be a wave,

or an harsh tempest, 

or a calm and shining  day.

You could be a fall,

or a flowing stream.

You could be a flood,

or a placid pond.

You could be a stone,

or a soft sand.

You could be a desert,

or a wide green field.

You could be rough,

or kindly hearted.

You could be mean,

or a giving soul.

You could be a dead highway

or a living forest.

You could be a gate,

or a vast horizon.

You could be tears,

or a shining smile.

You could be an end,

or a new beginning.

You could be regret

or you can be Love.

ennio forina  january, 2018

R.I.F. Rest In Freedom.

Free horse

Peace is Freedom.

Freedom to think,

to choose, to doubt, to search,

to follow or forsake,

to study, to analyze,

to criticize, to agree or dissent, 

to speak, to be,

to believe in something or deny it,

to change one’s mind

and let the the others

 free to be and do the same.

Peace is not to give or get harm

for your beliefs.

Peace is a state of mind

not a command. 

ennio forina