In the Depth of your Eyes


We live in the matter that can be touched 

and we think that we have a soul that can only be felt,

so we separate the matter from the soul

and wind up believing that they are two different things.

But all the Universe is pervaded

of the same life and energy of love

of which everything has become, only more rarefied

in our perception and diffused all over.

When what we call matter concentrates in one point

there a sun becomes and where a sun is formed,

 planets may happen made by the same stardust.

There may happen the kind of life we call life.

But it’s the Cosmos itself that’s alive

and each planet could be a sun

if it weren’t too little to burn in a nuclear fire.

And so this is what you were and are my love,

a drop of love in the immense love of the universe,

that I can still see in the depth of your eyes

like I see in the night sky through my windows,

the stardust that made you exist and still be.

ennio forina


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