Love Nuggets

I have been digging in the mines of life
and in the rivers flowing from all hearts,
and up to the dreamy mountains peaks,
searching for some true love’s nuggets,
just to give them away for free.
Been searching Inside and beyond
many hidden landscapes,
and looking for the secret passages
through the misty sorrow mountains,
wandering through the empty crowded streets
and all over every imagination skylines.
I have been looking for them in the shining sun
or under the steady falling rain,
in all the dead and windy winter days,
looking for them when the storm was blasting
and when crossing the deserts of the affections,
looking for them around in vain,
until I realised that no love nuggets,
were really where I’d been looking for
‘cause indeed they were all inside my heart.
And I know now that all my love nuggets
I’ve given one by one and all away
even if no one was ever left for me,
their light still keeps shining inside,
while if I kept them just for myself,
they would now weigh heavily upon my soul,
just like any real golden nuggets on your shoulders,
for love nuggets aren’t meant to keep,
and their light doesn’t weigh at all.
ennio forina, 2018

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