Travel Notes

Nowadays, the human kind travels

too fast from point A to many points B,

thinking to have known them

having been able to be there and seen them, 

and in the illusion of finding in point B

what hasn’t been able to find in point A.

But this way of traveling is always too fast

and its soul becomes always slower,

therefore doesn’t learn anything by traveling

not by the route, neither by the destination.

In my lingering times I traveled a lot,

even though I took only a few

fast means of transportation,

and I have reached few far away destinations.

But I traveled always inside me,

and instead of leaving to find other worlds,

I let the other worlds to travel inside me,

because above all,

I am a Traveler of the Mind.


ennio forina

I’d just like to stress the fact that the urge of traveling always, is becoming an unreasonable addiction…going places, going nowhere…

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