“Quia Plus Valeo” instead of “Survival of the Fittest”.


There are no other animals predators who kill to get something different from the body of the pray itself. Only the human animals kill for commission, like an hired assassin, to get some profits out of the bodies of their victims.

So, how can we define ourselves more intelligent and ethically superior, while we do the most hideous and destructive things, even when they are not necessary to survive?

Pity is a rare jewel in all the living world, but cruelty in nature is contained within the boundaries of the necessities, – even though there are some species that in part have similar behaviours like ours – but the exercise of our destructive and oppressive power doesn’t have comparisons or limits and can’t be justified by a superior capacity of thinking but on the brutality of our actions without any kind of superior capacity of thinking. ennio forina

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