Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere.


The speed of thinking may be the fastest speed that exist. But when you are busy in driving a vehicle or simply being transported from place A to place B, your mind is almost completely engaged in the task of driving, meanwhile during the action of going from place A to place B you’ll miss all there’s is in between the two locations. But in one case or the other, your mind will be taken by the thought of getting where you are aiming to, and not to where you are with yourself. Traveling once in a while, like birds do, changing latitudes when the climate gets harsh is necessary, but going back and forth every day, riding for hours for work reasons or for no reasons at all, is more being like the ants, that have to commute with the only purpose of earning the food for all the community. But the real problem is not that we can travel so fast and so far away from where we live. The problem is the “dimension” of our must go somewhere continuously, it’s the amount of time, energy and concentration we put on it every day that makes our bodies to move and our minds to remain still.

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