In Memory of One and Every Xmass Tree

Life and Death
Well, it looks like even in other countries, there are so many people ready to insult and deride like little kids in the elementary school sadistically do, when in a perverted fashion, they cruelly mock anyone who is less brave, less cool, less strong, or may have some physical defects or simply is different by them.
And out of the burial recesses of the social media, suddenly myriad of pitiless “zombies”, show up with gags and jokes to deride and hurt the dead roman tree. And supposedly the entire city of Roma. And the news on most channels broadcast and show all over the stocks without shame. What are all you, naughty and snotty nosed people, laughing and mocking about? The city of Roma and its people? Italians insensitive superficial and ignorant are doing the same already, because they are exactly what you are, dull, mindless, without compassion and probably with no soul, because you and them make fun of a living being whose life has been raped and taken away brutally, like that of all the trees in all the squares and courtyards all over the world, for no good reasons at all, other than stand a slow agony in the middle of the squares in the “civilized world” so that all the stupid people can say: “wooow”, “uuuhh”, “ooooh” to a life who’s suffering and dying amid thousands stupid shining lights for fake joy, when a simple candle would be enough to express true joy. If you don’t feel any compassion for this tree and all the other trees sacrificed and the unnecessary bloodsheds of the human feasts, when billions of animals are sacrificed to our “joy”, that means you are more dead and decaying than the tree itself ‘cause: “ Those who don’t feel the death of others are not alive at all”. And we all complain for the climate change and the pollution and despair when hurricanes, tornadoes and floods destroy homes and our sureness believed to be untouchable. And claim to have the right to dispose of other’s being lives as if they were our toys. The world already has become a broken toy in our childish hands, but toys don’t last long when played by the hands of careless and naughty children. And last but not least, please, stop naming ROMA, Rome. ROMA is ROMA it’s an aesthetically and architecturally beautiful and strong logo, for a city that gave an immense contribution to the civilization of the entire modern world. Please do not cripple it anymore. The Roman Empire has fallen long, long time ago, the everlasting Roman culture, achievements and foundations did not.
ennio forina Xmass 2017

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