The Shape of the Words

thoughts113.jpg “Sex” is not an action, neither an object, but a gender,

we don’t “make” sex because it is not an action

and we don’t “have” sex, because it is not an object.

If “love” is the denomination

of a biological attraction that intales

mind’s knowledge and sexual knowledge,

why not use “make love” as a proper,

more refined, profound  and wider, expression?

But in the case when only the biological drive

gets two bodies to join in one physical experience,

so that there are no feelings or love involved,

we may as well use the “intercourse”

or the “copulation” definition.

But “having sex” sounds and probably is,

like playing with a toy or doing some physical exercise

with the purpose to keep our muscles working

other than being lexically wrong.

And besides that, using this ugly expressions reveals

a specific selfish attitude, since it means

getting something  just for “yourself” in either ways,

whether as an object  or as an act,

not considering the effect on the occasional or steady partner.

Words are not just simply words,

actions and states of mind are but direct consequences

of the shape of the words.


ennio forina

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