The Lost Key

Something was left behind

in all your unlocked and rusty drawers

when you thought the key to open them

was lost or stolen

but what is really true

is your fear to open them

to find that nothing may be inside them

and the fear there are no more chances

to fill now their empty space

with some new love’s memories.

Without them

you would have nothing to remember,

nothing to forget,

nothing worth while to have suffered for,

nothing to regret,

nothing to be happy about,

nothing to leave behind,

nothing to long for,

no one to say farewell,

no one to feel together,

no one to wait for or meet again somewhere,

There will always be soon or later

a point in time when you will only able

to look behind yourself to sum up the past

and ahead of you hope for a new future

to look at what you have been or done

and how great a part of real live life

came inside your days and time

this will happen in just one single day

but if you are a truly loving creature

as I believe you are

don’t waste the chance to open them the same

because they are surely full of your life

of all the love’s feelings you are able to give

 your richness that will stay with you forever

you sure have the key to open them Simona,

your beautiful and loving soul.


5 thoughts on “The Lost Key

      1. A volte scrivo prima in inglese, dipende da quello che intendo esprimere. Mia moglie era americana e parlavamo fra noi in una strana mistura di italiano e inglese. Io penso in tutte e due queste lingue e se un concetto si delinea nella mia mente in lingua inglese continuo a svolgerlo in quel modo. Ma quasi sempre poi faccio la traduzione. Non l’ho ancora fatta per questo poema ma intendevo farla comunque, anche oggi. Buona domenica anche a te

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