Masters Of The Soul

For as much as we try

to be masters of our destiny,

we can only have little power on it,

we can only hold out and resist

the sudden or forecasted storms

ever crossing our life’s path,

whether knowing about them or unaware

for what we may decide

or for the will and aim of those we love

for understanding and misjudgement,

for lost love’s feelings

and love’s feelings regained

for forsaking and longing

for forgiving and forgetting

for all the thoughts unveiled

for all the words expressed

for all the words unspoken

for all the smiles repressed

for love caught or stolen

for all the joy displayed

and almost always, on the final summary

of this time frame we call life,

there’s a very final word that seals

each one and all the events:


beyond our will and hopes,

nevertheless in spite of what we gave away or took,

what really matters is not what we may have achieved

but the sincerity, deepness and power

of the love that drove our will

for if we can’t be masters of our destiny

we surely are the masters of our souls.

ennio forina june, 8 – 2017


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