We Were Witnesses

Motherly Love.jpg

Yes, my wife and I were witnesses of this miracle of motherly love, coming back from our holidays, a couple of blackbirds made the nest right in front of the window of our living room on the branch of a pine tree. At first, when we opened the window, they were very worried, but we tried not to scare them with awkward moves and so they soon felt reassured by our gentle behavior towards them. We had the privilege to see them taking care of the eggs first, then of the little ones, the male bird coming back and forth the nest, bringing food to his spouse incessantly, and delivering loud screams all around whenever a danger was in view. It was the end of summer and one afternoon a storm happened and hail poured violently down from the sky. Pine trees do not have leaves that can give enough cover from the falling rain so “she” the mother, stood on the nest above her cubs and opened her wings wrapping them around the nest to make like a shelter with her wings, thus offering her body as a shield and raising her beak straight toward the sky, in a way that the iced hail and the rain would slide away her body and feathers. Her mate too, didn’t even try to repair himself, but kept staying defiantly watching and protecting the nest on a branch right above it. Whenever I recall this scene, tears raise in my eyes. Although we didn’t need any proof of the sameness of the universal motherly love, but this is just one of the so many.