A Cat Will Always Love You If…

If you love a Cat 
He will love you forever
Give him the sureness
of your love
and he’ll give you the sureness
of his love
He will never betray you
If you will never betray a Cat 
He will always comfort you
When you are in sorrow
He’ll be your mate
Whewn you’re forsaken
When you hurt in loneliness
He’ll make you laugh
Whenever you are down

Whenever you are bored
He will tease you
He will bother you
He won’t let you alone
‘Till he sees you happy again
Whenever you are busy
He will give you warmth
Whenever you are cold

If you are in a silent room
he will jump on your lap
He will lick over your wounds
When nobody shows up
And when you are sore 
If no one raps at the door
He will purr for you
But if you disappoint a Cat
And you turn bad on him 
He will run away from you forever 
Till to the top of the Moon.

Ennio Romano Forina

It’s true for a Cat as well for whom has the soul of a Cat…

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