Winged Words


Winged Words1

Whenever we speak of love

we always aim to the sky and stars.

This time I’ll ask the wind

to bring my words to you.

I’m writing our story

back from where it started,

with winged words,

in the flowing rivers of the air.


I miss you, but you are here.

My hands can’t reach you,

but my soul can touch you.

I long for you but you are in me.

I need you and you are filling me.


I fear you are not beside me

but you walk with me.

How could you set me free,

since, then and now,

you were and are my freedom?


I wrote these words in the breeze of the sea

and I’ll just let the breeze

be my go – between with you.

ennio     June, 22 – 2017

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