Harmony of Lines and Shapes.

Where a body shape can show the beauty of life in the branch of a tree. 

I am still working on this piece, but I realized since the beginning, carving the wood, how amazing is that the circles of the growth are in perfect harmony with the shapes of the body. And what is more considerable is that where the curves of the statue are unfinished or wrong, the lines are wavering too. In other words the more the figure is aesthetically pleasant and perfect, the more the lines of the tree are fluid and beautiful.

This is also the evidence that  harmony and beauty pervade the whole universe  with no exception, what we perceive in the beauty of a starry night sky is the same feeling that we get by looking at the perfect animals wether that is a panther, an eagle, a shark, a flower, or a human body. Every organism is constantly searching to be in harmony with the harmonious Cosmos.


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