A Different Evolution.

– This is the title of an essay I started to write few years ago. Hopefully the first part of it will be completed shortly and published as a paper book and on my blog. To anyone that may be interested in reading it.-

Excerpt from: “A Different Evolution”.

“Long before the time when humans used to worship the sun, offering bloody sacrifices or considering it a divine entity, the primordial vegetable cells were already aware of it as a source of energy that could have been exploited through very complex biochemical processes in order to make matter to build up organisms and synthesize many other new substances for a number of needs.

Meanwhile “we”, the intelligent and superior species, still nowadays think of them just as vegetables, eatable or decorative plants, greens, salads, weeds, fences, flowers and whenever some of us falls into an almost lifeless coma, we call that a “vegetetive state” as if plants were neither intelligent or even really living beings. This is how deep is our ignorance and inability to comprehend the evidences of the reality.

ennio forina



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