Genus Humanum

Logical Semantics.jpg

And this is all true, but the issue I’m trying to stress, is really semantic, which is, the capability of seeing the reality as it is and giving the words we use the right meaning. People all over the world are well aware of the horrible things that only humans can do and most of them think that it is fine like this, and that they can get over with it, because they are “human”, and still, they teach their children that being human is good and cool and being beast is bad and stupid. We all know we are “bad”, and we are wicked, and even kids know that since when they are born and behave consequently, often blackmailing their parents in their early omnipotence delirium, more often encouraged and not inhibited, by the their own parents. But it is the millennial dominion of a particular and limited collective cognitive ability that perpetuates the wicked fate of the human kind and its ruinous impact on the other living beings on earth.
Until we keep deceiving ourselves putting any new generation on a pedestal and lying, convincing them that they are special and animals are just to serve us, and trees and even water and air exist so that we can breath and drink it, and placing ourself in the very center of the universe, things will go bad for us, but to tell you the truth, I do not care that much about that…as I care of what really makes me suffer: this enormous cosmic injustice we are responsible for, sanctified by all the lies and global hypocrisy. No matter what religions or idealizations or political systems of the human kind, we thrive on mendacities and illusions. And we let ourselves do anything we want just because we lie constantly to ourselves to justify our actions.
My statement is: let’s call the things with their right names and give the names the right meanings, let’s stop using words of nonsense that do not correspond to the actual truth. Let’s start from that. Bad is Bad, Good is Good. We are humans, humanity didn’t prove yet to be such a good thing. This is the day of the memory of the Holocaust? It was only yesterday…one of the so many…

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