9/11 – 2001 The Broken Words

TOWERS-2001-2011- Blog



We are the lost voices
that nevermore you’ll hear
we are the fading shades
of those that won’t come back
shreds of what once were bodies
in ashes and in pieces
made by the deadly blow
of this sudden hell’s fire.

 For what the Hell can count.

We are those who jumped off
the broken glass and walls
hoping our death came quickly
to end a pain so unbearable
by burns and suffocation
or hoping that some angel
would reach us right before
the hard stone of the ground.

We didn’t know the world
was watching all astonished

For us the world was ending.

We are the thoughts
evaporating in incandescent steel
reaching for a sky somewhere.

We are the words unspoken
the calls we never did
to all those we cared so much.

We died like many died and die
for blinding violence
in blasts and clouds of dust.

We died thus and asking why
were we the chosen ones
to end like this so abruptly.

We missed all the chances
to reach again our loved ones
and shining days ahead.

We are our lost and hidden pathways
of knowledge unknown forever.

We are the cry of shame
for a death we did not deserve
just like for many living beings
killed with harsh despise.

It’s hard to feel the pain of others
until you try it on yourself
and on the eternal moment
of losing what you are
you suddenly realize

Those who don’t feel
the pain and death of others
are not alive at all.

But now all words are useless
’cause all the pain has gone
and what you may learn by this
will go with us away
from all the rest of you
survivors and lost
in this mad and wrong world.

Now all of you people
wether you watch and cry
or cheer about a victory
you’ll keep wandering blind
and blindly keep destroying
until you wish to find
the ousted sense of reason.

We are this growing smoke
that’s hiding all the feelings
of what is left of us
while the life’s breathing
now it’s not even a sigh.

Soon we’ll disappear
without a touch or whisper
from all the loved ones
but in some way we’ll stay
like diamonds in their souls.

For those who cheered our death
and hailed about a victory
we may well be some smoke
just raising in the sky
scattered by winds of evil
but smoke more thick and dark
flows in each and every mind
that’s raised in graves of hate.

ennio forina 2001

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