Margaret Healy. Forever



Maybe you kissed me this morning  

with different lips. 

I saw your face leaning,

almost sinking gently in mine 

 and the warm arms of your love

around my sleepy chest.


Morning was always your best time

and I wonder who is more alive 

now between me and you.

I feel, I know, I’m sure

of other ways we still can walk together

and it’s not strange at all

if I may feel well and calm

when I stay at home “with” you,

longing for what we have lost

and what might still be ahead for us.

I don’t  feel alone at all

wandering in my lonely time

albeit the tears and sorrow 

that keep rising and rising

like waves of a shining stream

inside and out of me

sometimes calm, somewhere wild.

All my tears falling on your face

weren’t enough to hold you

the day you slipped away

and your eyes were through

another unknown reality,

but I knew that was only

the changing part of you

leaving the remaining part of me

without defeating

our invincible energy of Love.

It wouldn’t be so bearable

without hoping and believing

to feel you here and always

in me and next to me.

If we didn’t meet by chance

I would have looked for you anywhere

all over the Universe

 and like I promised

I shall look  for you

to find you again,

Love is the Master, Love will help me in that.

I couldn’t give you the last help

that you’ve asked me with one word unspoken

but now I’m the one who’s asking  

 and needs your help,

now it’s you the one who better knows

the ways and modes to look for me

and wait to meet again

at the Crossroad of Space and Time.


Love’s feelings can’t be seen,

measured or kept captive,

no one can touch, explain them

still they exist like powerful waves of attraction

making two souls desire to merge in one

like a mysterious, invisible energy

coming from the more immense power

that makes the stars alive.

ennio forina for March, 11, 2017

Source: Margaret Healy. Forever

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