From “A Different Evolution”. The Living Matter.

All living beings are organisms made of the same association of cells and cosmic substance but as far as individuals we have different attitudes and these attitudes are generated by different levels of sensitivity. Sensitivity is the real soul of the organisms in that it can give conscience and ethical principles making a difference between those who are good makers and others who are bound and choose to be destroyers. All the other animals have a truthful sensitivity because they are closer to the very essence of life meanwhile the major part of the human beings have lost it substituting it with factitious, unreal and distorted entities. We are all made of the same stardust but sensitivity makes the difference and it makes the difference between us and the rest of the living world, call it Nature if you like, that seen as a whole is an entity that although pitiless and cruel in most of its aspects brings more life than it kills while we bring more death and destruction than life in it. ennio forina “ A Different Evolution”

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