The True Fountain of Youth

All the living forms are generated by love

and love is the true energy of life.

As long as love’s energy drives us,

we are still caught in the powerful flow

of the life within us,

only when the hearts stop trembling

and the minds stop dreaming,

the souls too and the organisms die out,

and it’s then that anyone ages,

whatever may be the number of seasons

until that point

they have gone through.

Ennio Forina

You Can Not…

You can't.jpg

You can protect yourself by the wind but you can’t stop it. You can take cover from the rain but you can’t impede it to fall, whether you want it or not clouds shall form and dissolve in the sky. You can’t stop the ocean’s breathing or the waves endless caress of the beach. You must not stop the river flowing or you’ll kill it. Neither impede the grass to grow or you’ll spread deserts. You can’t persuade the moon, to dance with you all night long, neither you can tell her to not go away in the daylight. You can’t stop the merry carousel of the planets like captive moths around the charming, shining, arcane lamp lingering in Space. All of these things have sense because are free to express their right energy. And if you can’t stop all this,by will, how can you stop Love to love over and over, since among all the forces that move the Universe by far is the greatest?

ennio forina